Sylvie Brien | Painter

Sylvie Brien is a Montreal painter born in 1974. From a mother with multiple talents in different artistic domains (woodworking, craft, sewing, sculpture, drawing), she develops a marked interest for the expression through the art from an early age.

Over the years, she follows a few courses to establish the technical bases on which she can build her own visual identity.

  • Courses at “Ebama Montreal School of Fine Arts”
  • Courses at “The Visual Arts Center of Montreal”

Her artworks, in which collage, spatula and painting coexist, are mainly abstract and express her vision of the world through gestures, texture and colors.

A first exhibition of her works took place in November 2017. She is working on her second collection, which is scheduled for spring 2019.

Artistic process

What is a work for the artist? ”It’s the mirror of the soul, secret thoughts, experiences and scars of life, of the relationship with nature and humanity”. Medium and technique are of little importance to her: only the expression of emotions is valid, no matter the way to achieve it.

With the theme ”The Elements”, her first collection reflects her relationship to the earth. This shaken earth is represented in an abstract way by the predominance of umber colors, Prussian blue, crimson red and by accented textures, representing at once the elements of earth, ocean, mountainous reliefs, tears, injury and abandonment. In this collection, the courage and strength of nature are knowingly married to devastation.

In response to the first collection, the second comes under a more peaceful theme ”The flower”: allegory of hope and rebirth.

The main challenge of the artist is to remain herself and honest. She may go astray and lose her way, but she will find it again.


November 2017

Exposition November 7 to 12, 2017. Gallery 2456, Montreal . “Les Éléments” – Collective exhibition

Exhibition video 2017